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Code Clubs are weekly after-school coding clubs for 8 - 12 year olds. Children learn to create games, animations and websites using our specially created resources, with the support of awesome volunteers. Help us inspire the next generation of digital makers by establishing a Code Club.
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Starting a Code Club is about following the steps below.

Step 1:

Please read the following info. There are 3 essentials to starting a Code Club.

How a code club works:

There are 3 essential elements to starting a Code Club:

  1. A CLUB HOST who has a suitable, secure venue as the local librarian, community centre coordinator or a school principal or teacher.

  2. Volunteers who will run the weekly one hour sessions, on weekends or after-school, who is willing to learn the workshop PROJECTS as well secure Vulnerable Sector Check.

  3. Signup Kids, aged 8 to 12, to attend every week at the same time. Kids need to have access to a computer or laptop and permission from their PARENTS.

Step 2:

Please REGISTER your Code Club to access Resource materials like certificates, posters and badges for your Code Club and the kids! When you Register you can indicate that you are looking for a Volunteer and your Code Club will appear in the

Step 3:

Encourage the families in your local community to sign up through the Venue’s Club Host. We recommend having 10 to 12 kids in the Code Club to allow for collaboration and be sure there won’t be too much strain on the instructor.