Club Hosts

Code Club hosts work at a school, library, museum or community venue and team up with volunteers to run a Code Club for children aged 8 –12.

The Basics

  • Set up a Code Club: most clubs run for one hour each week, with 10 - 15 children
  • Manage a club space which is safe and suitable for children
  • Arrange access to computers
  • The club must be free of charge for the children to access

To host a Code Club you need to have a member of staff available to help run the club and be present in the club sessions. A volunteer shouldn’t be left alone with children participating in the club. This member of staff does not need to know anything about coding, but it's a great chance for them to learn.

The member of staff who hosts the club will need to:

  • Ensure the volunteer gets a police check, in line with your venue’s safeguarding policy
  • Ensure that all the children who come to the club have appropriate permission from a parent/guardian to attend
  • Check that your venue has appropriate insurance to cover the volunteer and the club
  • Ensure that there is appropriate equipment, wifi and software
  • For easy access to the projects, provide a projector for the volunteer or print the projects for each child

Please note: Code Club does not interview volunteers - it is the job of the club host to find out more about the volunteer and check you are happy for them to run a club at your venue.

How Code Club supports you

  • We provide a platform to help you find a local, trained volunteer
  • We provide free projects for the children, which are step by step guides for creating games, animations and websites
  • Free online or face to face training sessions to get you started
  • Events - come and meet other club hosts, connect with the community, learn from each other and network
  • We're on hand to help whenever you need us, get in touch at

Top Tips

  • Contact a few different volunteers to find the perfect person to help with your club, as volunteers may have different availability
  • If you’ve set up your club as a library, community centre, museum or ‘other venue’ on our site, potential attendees can contact you through the Code Club website too (you can update this at any time)
  • Don’t forget to get parental permission for every child who will be attending the club

Why register?

  • Access to all of our projects, resources and materials
  • Connect with clubs and local partners in your country, to receive support
  • Help us track the great work being done around the world
  • Tell us how Code Club can improve
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Working Safely With Children

Read Code Club’s policies on working safely with children.

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Spread the word

Start a campaign to recruit volunteers for you club with these posters.