Find out about Code Club for your child.

Finding a Code Club for your child

Code Club offers a fun and interactive way for children to build valuable life skills such as logical thinking, teamwork and collaboration skills, as well as engaging them in learning more about the technology they use every day.

Public Clubs

Clubs in libraries and community spaces are easy to find by searching on the map for public clubs near you. You can get in touch with the Club Host to ask if they have spaces available for your child to join the club. Demand for these clubs is high so you may have to join a waiting list!

Tell your child's school or local library about Code Club

The first thing you can do is inform your child’s school or library about the existence of Code Club. Most Code Clubs are run in schools and libraries as an extra-curricular activity, led by a teacher or librarian and an enthusiastic volunteer. We've even created a flyer for you to download and pass on to the school or library. Download flyer.

Use our materials at home

Alternatively, if you have no luck getting a Code Club off the ground in your area- or if you homeschool - you could download our materials through our Projects page for use at home.

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